Monday, June 28, 2010

Kenya: Fresh Challenges in HIV Battle

via The Latest Kenyan News

I love my wife but I have sexual relations with men.

Jimmy is 40 years old and has been married for four years. He has three children.

To the outside world his is the average Kenyan family. But he has a secret that threatens the very core of his family’s existence.

He is gay.

“I love my wife but I have sexual relations with men. I have had three boyfriends since I got married but my wife doesn’t know anything about that. I currently have a boyfriend with whom I’m in a serious relationship. We meet in his house, hotels or any other place away from prying eyes,” he says.

Jimmy tells me that he has always had a liking for men as opposed to women. I ask why he got married. Did he do it to please his family or perhaps hide his sexual orientation?

“I did it because I love this woman. I have known her since childhood. We lived in the same neighbourhood, schooled together and yeah… I love her although at times I have sex with men,” he repeats softly.

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