Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Meet Bachir, A Friendly Rectal Microbicide Advocate

Bachir Sarr

Ottawa, Canada

“If proven safe and effective, rectal microbicides will no doubt relieve condoms of the heavy burden of protection while keeping the pleasure principle of sexuality,” says Bachir Sarr, a program consultant for the Canadian AIDS Society (CAS), the first national AIDS organization in the country. Through this organization Bachir has aided in efforts to develop, coordinate and distribute resources for member groups on issues including microbicides, providing information on HIV/AIDS to the general public via publications, telephone enquiries and the internet.

In the course of conversations with his colleagues at CAS Bachir’s interest in rectal microbicides sparked, which led to his decision to join the IRMA family.

As an IRMA member, Bachir has advocated for rectal microbicides through a CAS-sponsored list serve covering microbicides and prevention technologies.

“Rectal microbicides will not just benefit a key population but will address vulnerability factors that continue to fuel the epidemic such as condom negotiation and use,” he says.

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