Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Good sex, good marriage, less HIV

via The New Vision Online, by Catherine Watson

A campaign on good marriage could explain that sometimes a man may have less sex than he would like but that this trade off is worth it to maintain family harmony and avoid acquiring or transmitting HIV. Many men think falsely that going without sex will harm their bodies, that semen will accumulate. Neither is true. But the campaign would need to assuage men's fears.

Finally, a campaign on good marriage could explain that sex changes over a lifetime. Often we get problems because reality does not meet our expectations. Women may have less interest in sex in late pregnancy after birth and menopause. Men who are reassured of this may be less likely to take a "side dish". Both men and women need a better understanding of how their body works. Sex when we are older is not like sex when we are just married. And let us not over sexualize men: they can want less sex sometimes too.

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