Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Enter through the back door, please

via The Pleasure Project

Will it be called ‘Recto-prevent’ … or Backdoor Butter? Will it be stigmatized, or celebrated as a way to have great sex while lowering the risk of infection?

Reporting live from the hallowed halls of the University of Oxford was never more exciting than last week, when Jerry Gallea of the UCLA Programme in Global Health and the International Rectal Microbicide Advocates (IRMA) talked about the frontiers (or should that be ‘rear-iers’) of HIV prevention: the search for an effective rectal microbicide.

His visit was hosted by Oxford’s Centre for Evidence-Based Intervention (CEBI) in the Department of Social Policy and Social Work, and featured the facts about who’s having anal sex around the world (news flash: not just gay men), and the slippery subject of how to have your anal play and stay safe, too.

Read the whole item.

Read Jerry's account of his Oxford presentation (and check out his slides too).

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IRMA said...

Nice work Jerry!

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