Friday, November 20, 2009

Circumcision may protect HIV-negative gay men from syphilis

via Aidsmap, by Michael Carter

Circumcision protects HIV-negative gay men from infection with syphilis, Australian investigators report in the December 15th edition of the Journal of Infectious Diseases. However, circumcision did not affect the risk of acquiring any other sexually transmitted infection.

The study was conducted by investigators from the Health in Men (HIM) study. This is the same group of investigators who recently reported that circumcision may protect gay men with a “preference” for insertive anal sex from HIV.

Gay men are disproportionately affected by sexually transmitted infections and new methods of preventing them are required.

Observational studies conducted in heterosexuals have suggested that circumcision is protective against ulcerative sexually transmitted infections, including genital herpes and syphilis. In addition, the Rakai randomised controlled trial showed that circumcision protected against genital herpes, but not syphilis.

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