Monday, September 7, 2009

Hitler = HIV in New German Ad

So, how many infections do you think this campaign will help prevent?

Read the pinknews article on this.

Read the piece on ABC News.

Read commentary by Shawn Syms on


Bob Bucklew said...

Powerful - but portraying someone with HIV to Hitler - - way too much. Thumbs down.

Simone K said...

Ugh...creepy and completely ineffective. Want to curtail the spread of HIV or stigmatize those infected? This video only does the latter. Thumbs WAY down.

guscairns said...

The top voluntary sector orgs in Germany (Deutsch AIDSHilfe), France (AIDES) and the UK (National AIDS Trust) have all issued press releases condemning the ad (after initially hesistating because they didn't want to publicise it).
The NAT said this:

"It is very important we take HIV more seriously in Europe, but this campaign, however well intentioned, is not the way to do it. It is over the top, misleading and harmful.

There are three main failings to the campaign:

First, linking the risk of HIV infection to having sex with a mass murderer is immensely stigmatising of people with HIV. Stigma is the great barrier to an effective response to the epidemic. It is what prevents testing, and inhibits frank discussion of HIV status and sexual risk.

Secondly, the campaign is inaccurate. It makes no mention of the fact that in Europe effective treatment exists which means HIV is no longer a death sentence. People diagnosed in time can expect nowadays a near normal life-span.

Thirdly, it provides no information on the posters or in the video of how to protect yourself and others from HIV infection - use a condom when having sex; do not share injecting equipment for drug use.

Effective public health campaigns can sometimes use shock well - but irresponsible and incredible statements only mean that in the end people stop listening.

National AIDS Trust, UK"


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