Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Microbicides Essentials - E-Learning about Rectal Microbicides and Much More!

The Microbicides Essentials course is now available on-line
at the Prevention Research E-Learning Centre


Designed for clinical trial field staff and advocates who want a more comprehensive understanding of the microbicides field, Microbicides Essentials will help you answer the tough questions that you hear everyday.

The Microbicides Essentials course features in-depth modules covering:

* Science of HIV & microbicides
*Need, use, and impact
*History and players
*Research and trials
*Rectal microbicides

All users will earn a certificate upon successful completion of the course. Topics are presented in a lively interface with graphics, interactive quizzes, scientific animations, and much more!

The Microbicides Essentials course is available FREE of charge and was developed by the Global Campaign for Microbicides.

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