Thursday, March 20, 2008

Moving Forward with Rectal Microbicide Advocacy in Nigeria

Your Support is Appreciated!

by Sholotan Abdulrahaman Oladimeji

I am writing to tell you that after I learned about International Rectal Microbicide Advocates (IRMA) in India during the Microbicides 2008 conference, I decide to form my own Youth Organization and IRMA Club at the University of Calabar and in Lagos here in Nigeria.

Also, I want to organize a Post Microbicide Conference Seminar in both cities in order for me to disseminate the knowledge gained during the conference among my fellows students and to the community in general, so that some of them will have the opportunity to know more about IRMA. This seminar will show ase the new research for prevention of HIV/AIDS and some other transmitted diseases.

These will involve a lot of activities like raising awareness about various issues around rectal microbicide s through Street Football Competition, Street Jams, and rallying events using a range of campaign tools.

I will need financial support and will appreciate anyone who is able to assist me in carrying out the post M2008 seminar successfully.


Sholotan Abdulrahaman Oladimeji
Official IRMA blogger
Lagos, Nigeria

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*** Please leave a comment here you are able to offer support to Sholotan with his efforts.

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Prince Joan said...

Let join hand together to help him on the Post Conference.


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