Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Meet Mark Hubbard - A Friendly Rectal Microbicide Advocate

"The work we do is difficult, complex, challenging, and nuanced. If we recognize that upfront, we do better at avoiding frustration and conflict." - Mark Hubbard, Nashville, USA
Mark Hubbard is an independent community organizer, advocate, educator and activist. He was introduced to IRMA when he produced a community forum on microbicides that featured Jim Pickett.

Mark is excited to be a part of rectal microbicide advocacy. He believes IRMA serves the community in a number of ways: It educates the community about HIV/AIDS prevention broadly and new prevention technologies research more specifically, it highlights the disparity between vaginal and rectal microbicide research, and it provides context for rectal microbicide advocacy work. "Our best efforts at developing biomedical or behavioral interventions will be futile if we fail to work within a framework of understanding regarding affected communities' cultural contexts and legacies," he says.

The role of rectal transmission in the pandemic is profoundly clear, and for this reason Mark hopes to bring rectal microbicide research to the forefront of HIV prevention technologies. He has produced educational events that attracted a broad, diverse audience in a format that encourages real dialogue. Even in his personal life he "just never stops talking about the issues."

Mark loves to watch movies in his free time – particularly classics and independent films. He also loves being outdoors; taking walks in nature keeps him happy and healthy. He "definitely got the 'gay Broadway' gene" and enjoys musical theater culture as well.

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