Thursday, June 2, 2011

Meet Margaret Onah - a Friendly Rectal Microbicide Advocate

via IRMA
 Margaret Onah believes that rectal microbicides are an important priority among new HIV prevention technologies because so many people, both males and females, engage in anal sex and the society pretends that it is not real, and so do not want to be associated with it.
An advocate from Calabar, Nigeria, Margaret is the Director for Safe Havens International and is a member of IRMA and IRMA Nigeria. She provides support services to vulnerable women and girls (female sex workers, teenage mothers and widows) and communities by educating and informing them on issues of sexual & reproductive health rights. Her mission as an advocate for human rights and health issues is to enhance the well-being of her community and its most vulnerable members with a participatory approach.

Margaret was introduced to IRMA when she became a member of the Global Campaign for Microbicides and the New HIV Vaccine and Microbicides Advocacy Society (NHVMAS), the "steering wheel" for microbicide advocacy in Nigeria. She began her advocacy with IRMA because she is concerned about the stigma and discrimination associated with anal sex, which she knows prevent people from seeking diagnosis and treatment, further compounding the problem. "If we are soliciting for vaginal microbicides, we should do the same for rectal microbicides because sex is sex no matter what form."

When she's not working Margaret enjoys reading biographies, dancing, and Christian books and music.
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