Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Meet Ian R. Lemieux - a Friendly Rectal Microbicide Advocate

Rectal microbicides may one day be our most safe and effective 'on scene' HIV prevention method. It is important that we take dynamic approaches to HIV prevention - given that the needs of persons globally will always be diverse, says Ian R. Lemieux of Boston, Massachusetts.
Ian is a registered nurse working as a Clinical Study Coordinator at The Fenway Institute, a division of Fenway Health.He learned about IRMA through his work as a coordinator of microbicide research studies.
Since completing his graduate studies in epidemiology and biostatistics, he has been most interested in HIV prevention. Several years ago, Ian joined the American Society for Clinical Pathology's Global Outreach Team as a volunteer consultant.

Ian has been able to engage in HIV/AIDS work across the world, in Swaziland, Tanzania, Namibia, and Rwanda. During a recent project in Africa he had the opportunity to educate on the current rectal microbicides research and development activities. "No doubt many are counting on us, and are excited for the potential of these efforts!"

Ian meets with several clients each week for microbicide study visits. He enjoys educating people about microbicides, the importance of research currently underway, and the incredible potential of these prevention methods.

He is constantly on the move in his free time, whether teaching yoga classes, cycling, hiking, or travelling.
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