Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Check it out: Condom Effectiveness Dossier

via Global Forum on MSM and HIV, by Michael Reece

Dear Colleagues:

Over the past year, leaders from multiple sexual health organizations in the U.S. have teamed together to create what is called the “Condom Effectiveness Dossier.”  The Dossier is a review of the scientific evidence for the effectiveness of condoms----designed to be used by educators and policy makers when faced with questions about condom manufacturing, condom efficacy, etc.  The full Dossier includes a slide set with over 100 slides dedicated to what scientists know about condoms and their effectiveness, and also includes several videos (e.g., of the condom testing process) that can be used by faculty and other educators during lectures and other presentations.

Our goal is to make this Dossier available as widely as possible.  The full folder of the Dossier can be downloaded at the link below.  I think this is one of the most comprehensive collections of information that supports the work that we do to encourage condom use and condom education.


The Condom Effectiveness Dossier can be downloaded here.

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Michael Reece, Ph.D., MPH
Director, Center for Sexual Health Promotion
Associate Professor, School of Health, Physical Education & Recreation
Indiana University


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