Monday, January 3, 2011

Uganda gays celebrate court victory against newspaper

via AfrikNews

Gays in Uganda celebrated today, after courts ruled in their favor in a case against a newspaper which called on people to hang them.
In October 2010, Rolling Stone newspaper had boldly called for gays to be hanged in one of their headlines. "Hang Them," the headline read. The ensuing story showed photos of people presumed to be gays in Uganda, and even indicated locations of their homes.

And according to gays in Uganda, the newspaper article led to some of those whose photos, names and home adresses appeared in the newspaper to be attacked and beaten up by people who claimed to be anti-gay.

But after taking the case to court and applying for damages whilst requesting for an injunction against the newspaper, a Uganda court Monday ruled in favor of the plaintiffs.

The court has also issued a parmanent injunction against Rolling Stone newspaper never to publish photos of gays in Uganda, and also never to again publish their home addreses.

Justice Kibuuka Musoke’s ruling read in parts: "Gays are also entitled to their rights. This court has found that there was infringment of some people’s confidential rights. The court hereby issues an injuction restraining Rolling Stone newspaper from future publishing of identifcations of homosexuals."

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