Monday, November 29, 2010

PrEP Implementation Where Homophobia Reigns?

MSM groups hail pill to prevent HIV, but...
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"We are as happy as anyone out there about the findings from this study, but fear that unless our countries reconsider their laws, many MSM will not benefit from its results," said David Kuria, chairman of the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya.

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And speaking of homophobia,

The GAY AND LESBIAN COALITION OF KENYA has not been invited to World AIDS Day activities in that country...

From the GALCK website:

For the first time since 2006, GALCK has not been invited by the National Aids Control Council to this year’s World Aids Day – normally marked on the 1st of December each year. This is particularly ironical because this year’s theme “Access and Human Rights” resonated so uniquely with the plight of our community.

It is to be remembered that the last two years have increasingly been difficult for GALCK and the groups because even though officially invited, often there would be no space allocated for us. Given the enormous preparation that goes into participating into the event, we had previously taken up available free spaces – often spaces not allocated to anyone.

Perhaps given the recent hostile reception of the message from the Minister for Special Programs, Hon., Esther Murugi, requiring the government and society to give services to men who have sex with men – MSM and sex workers, and the pending recognition of NACC as a parastatal through an Act of Parliament, NACC wants to distance themselves from criminalized groups such as sexual minorities.

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And more homophobia

Kenya PM Orders Gays' Arrest - via Daily Nation

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