Thursday, October 28, 2010

Venezuela to Guarantee Access to HIV Medications, Says Health Ministry

From Venezuela Analysis, by James Suggett

Starting next year, the Venezuelan government will guarantee antiretroviral medication to people with HIV, and will expand the use of a Cuban-made medicine to treat diabetic foot ulcers nation-wide, according to recent announcements by the Venezuelan Health Ministry.

Venezuela’s HIV-positive patients “will have their treatment guaranteed next year; we have made preparations to acquire the medicines and cover the whole population free of charge,” said Venezuelan Health Minister Eugenia Sader in an interview with the state television station VTV last week.

Also this month, Venezuela participated in a meeting of Latin American Parliament representatives in Panama to discuss public policy on the prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS. The meeting was sponsored by the United Nations Development Program.

Venezuela does not have a law governing HIV and AIDS policy, but the National Assembly is discussing the possibility of incorporating articles on the diseases, including treatment for HIV- positive prisoners, into the nation’s Health Law, according to Legislator Marelis Pérez, who participated in the Panama meeting.

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