Friday, October 15, 2010

Reclaiming the Wronged Body

"I am not in a wrong body. I am in this body just like how you are in your body. I am not trapped by my body. I am trapped by your beliefs."

The parade of nations of the 2009 Copenhagen Outgames had just finished. Naomi Fontanos, my friend and the current Chairwoman of STRAP, and I decided to skip the programme and to go back to our hostel to rest. Naomi, who served as the muse of the Philippine contingent, was wearing a traditional Filipino dress, while I was wearing a 50's dress.

While we were walking towards the train station we encountered two bulky tall guys. One of them approached us and casually asked me, "Why is your chest so flat?" Then they walked away laughing. I was stunned by his rudeness. Before I could say anything, Naomi stopped me, and said "Sassy, don't mind them! Assholes!" Scared, we ran towards the train station.

I understand that an explanation of our existence by some expert opinion can be our lifeline against the different forms of violence and discrimination wielded against us by those who are disturbed by our existence. There are different scientific and religious theories that have been offered to explain us. I find that all of them seep to revolve around that famous statement that "We were born in the wrong body" or its other form "Trapped in the wrong body."

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