Monday, October 4, 2010

Pro-Gay Kenyan Cabinet Minister Esther Murugi Faces Backlash

via LGBT Asylum News, by Denis Nzioka
The real crux here is not morality, culture or religion – homosexuality as sin or immoral or unafrican – but a much broader and fundamental concept which is health. Health for all is a right. Anal sex is the riskiest form of HIV/AIDS infection and given that legislation exists that criminalizes such forces those who engage in this practice not to seek health care.
Kenyan Cabinet Minister Esther Murugi (second from right) has faced a massive backlash from all quarters given the statement(s) she made during the just concluded Most At Risks Populations (MARPs) Symposium in Mombasa, Kenya; the first ever to be held in the country. Citing the HIV/AIDS prevalence rates and statistics readily available, she called on Kenyans to accept and embrace gay Kenyans. By de-criminalizing anal sex, it has been shown that the rates of HIV/AIDS in such countries is much lower, nationally, than in those countries that make it illegal to engage in consensual anal sex.

Muslim leaders from the Coast, Christian leaders, the media, and politicians most prominent being the former President Daniel Toroitch arap Moi – whose negative stand on homosexuality is known and well documented – have all come out to condemn and ask for action to be taken on Esther Murugi for supporting what they see as an evil, unafrican and an immoral lifestyle.

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