Friday, September 17, 2010

The Latest and Greatest: A New Advocate Joins the IRMA Team

by Kelly Nichols, IRMA Intern

Prior to joining the AIDS Foundation of Chicago and IRMA I was in the trenches, so to speak, helping to implement a pilot project at Nyakibale Hospital in Rukungiri district, Uganda. For seven months I lost myself in the day-to-day challenges and relative isolation of life and work in Uganda.

The thing that immediately impressed me about Jim Pickett and his network of IRMA advocates is what an incredible resource they have in each other. IRMA’s growth in just a few years is remarkable, and in the last week I’ve had the opportunity to witness how this network gives a powerful voice to the issues and to individuals.

When I’m not at IRMA I work with Global Emergency Care Collaborative (GECC), a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing sustainable, scalable emergency care to the developing world. GECC is tackling the human resource crisis in developing nations by introducing a new cadre of health care providers at existing hospitals. These “Emergency Nurse Practitioners” are specifically trained to care for critically ill patients, effectively shifting the burden of care off of limited numbers of physicians.

Pleased to meet you! I’m truly looking forward to learning from a community so dedicated, and with such a refreshingly realistic perspective on the important issues in fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS.
Are you IRMA's next Friendly Rectal Microbicide Advocate? Email us at if you're interested, and we'll send you some questions to answer, and we'll craft your responses into a short bio we will feature on our blog and website. We’d love to share your work, and hear how you advocate for the research and development of safe, effective, acceptable, and accessible rectal microbicides for all who need them.

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