Thursday, September 30, 2010

How do you know if a clinical trial is ethical?

by Lori Miller, AVAC

Provide input on the draft second edition of the Good Participatory Practice Guidelines.

Join a call next week to learn more.

As the rectal microbicide field is progressing, more trials will be rolled out into communities and involve greater and greater numbers of volunteers. All stakeholders in biomedical HIV prevention research – from advocates, to community groups, to research teams and research sponsors have important contributions to make in the process of designing and conducting rectal microbicide trials.

The GPP guidelines provide trial funders, trial sponsors, and trial implementers with specific guidance on how they should work collaboratively with other stakeholders such as community members. Advocates can also use the GPP Guidelines to evaluate how well research teams are engaging community stakeholders, and if they are following the standards established in the GPP Guidelines.

The GPP Guidelines cover areas such as how stakeholders should be involved in the protocol development process, how research teams should work with community advisory boards and other stakeholders advisory mechanisms, how the standard of HIV prevention offered in any trial should be negotiated with community members , how trial results should be shared with trial participants and members of the community, as well as many other topics.

A teleconference/webinar on the 5th of October will provide an opportunity to learn about the revised guidelines and to ask questions. All stakeholders are encouraged to read the draft second edition of the GPP Guidelines and send their comments and suggestions by October 31st to UNAIDS and AVAC. Feedback on the draft second edition will then be compiled and the final version of the second edition of the GPP Guidelines will be released in late 2010.

Teleconference/webinar info
  • UNAIDS and AVAC invite stakeholders in biomedical HIV prevention research to join a webinar on good participatory practice
  • Tuesday, 05 October, 9am – 10am US Eastern time / 3pm - 4pm Geneva time
  • Call-in number: US & Canada 866.740.1260
  • Access code: 3671417
  • Please register here for access to the webinar link
Click here to download the draft second edition GPP guidelines.
Comments on the GPP guidelines can be emailed to or

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