Tuesday, September 28, 2010

AIDS VACCINE 2010, The only conference dedicated to HIV vaccine research, in Atlanta

from GLT News Now

Advances in the search for a safe and effective HIV vaccine will be the focus of nearly 1,100 researchers, funders, policy makers and advocates from around the world gathered in Atlanta for AIDS Vaccine 2010. The conference, the world’s only scientific meeting on HIV vaccine research, will run through 1 October and include more than 500 scientific presentations detailing progress and challenges in the field.

AIDS Vaccine 2010 follows closely on the publication in Nature Medicine of the, Scientific Strategic Plan of the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise a comprehensive new framework to speed and enhance HIV vaccine research developed with the participation of hundreds of scientists, policy-makers, funders and advocates worldwide. The new strategic plan, which includes recommendations to speed the development, execution and analysis of HIV vaccine trials; better integrate pre-clinical and clinical research; capitalize on scientific advances from other fields; and bring new researchers and new funders to HIV vaccine research, will be the focus of a special session at AIDS Vaccine 2010 on 29 September.

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