Thursday, August 5, 2010

AIDS2010 for Dummies: An Entertaining Review

Via My Fabulous Disease, by Mark S. King

If you require a clinical overview of AIDS2010 in Vienna, or a review of the scientific data presented, boy are you reading the wrong blog. Please check out those articles on The Body, AIDS Map, or the AIDS2010 organization itself.

I’m more of a Charles Kuralt type of correspondent. If he had been gay. And HIV positive. And umm, an addict in recovery. I think you get the idea. The goal of my video blogs from Vienna was to introduce you to the people and programs that energized the conference, and the individual stories of participants from far-flung regions of the world. Beyond the headlines, I wanted you to get a feeling for the sights, sounds, and pure energy of the event.

So here’s a day-by-day breakdown of my video blog episodes, including the stories and interviews included in each. Each synopsis begins with a link to that day’s video blog.

For more click here.

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