Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nature Outlook: HIV/AIDS

Nature has published a special Outlook on AIDS ahead of Vienna. Articles focus on treatment, HIV and TB, the search for a cure and HIV px research.

3 articles of particular interest:
"Joining forces" surveys HIV prevention research and the possibility of "'prevention packages' of two or more approaches," and pays particular attention to arv-based prevention, including px as tx, microbicides and PrEP.

"Tiny steps towards an HIV vaccine" looks at the implications of the Thai trial and recent NAb discoveries, quoting Gary Nabel "What you can say is that it would be a major miracle if we had one in less than ten years. On the other hand, we're doing everything we can to surprise ourselves."

"A call for collaboration" looks at the state of collaborative efforts for HIV research, including the search for a cure. A section entitled "The Vaccine Wars" looks at disagreements over the utility of The Ragon Institute and CHAVI.

All online and free here.

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