Monday, June 7, 2010

Microbicides: Ways Forward

Highly recommended!

The fourth in a series of strategy documents produced by the Alliance for Microbicide Development - this is an excellent resource and advocacy tool, emphasizing obstacles to microbicide research and how to overcome them.

In 2009, the Alliance surveyed a number of microbicides experts and key stakeholders in the field in an effort to identify areas of progress, obstacles that remain and priorities for the field. These conversations and insights inform much of the new report, which concludes with nine key recommendations for moving the microbicide field forward. The Alliance officially closed at the end of 2009, and this report is one of many key Alliance resources that are being integrated into AVAC's continually expanding education, outreach, advocacy and policy work.

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By making this report short and limiting the number of recommendations, its authors meant it to be USED -- as a frame of reference for action over the coming months and tracking how much action is actually taking place. Whatever the results from the CAPRISA trial, the microbicide pipeline still needs to be broadened, deepened, and moved, and decisions made about how best to do that most effectively.
- Polly Harrison

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