Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Condom Shortage in Uganda Worries Health Experts

via The New Vision

The low government investment in reproductive health commodities in Uganda has resulted in an acute condom shortage. Contraceptives used in controlling unwanted pregnancies include condoms, injectables, pills, interuterine devices and surgical contraception equipment.

But condoms remain the most popular and cheapest means used to check STDs/ HIV and unwanted pregnancies in Uganda. According to Dr. Moses Muwonge, a reproductive health consultant, Uganda had a stock of 12 million condoms in May. The Government imports about 20 million condoms every month. About 10 million are dispatched by the health ministry every month.

While the previous minimum stock level was six months with 12 months being the maximum, it has since been revised to four and six months, respectively because of the bulkiness of condoms. The shelf-life of condoms is three to five years. The problem, though, is that after manufacturing, condoms are not shipped immediately.

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