Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Microbicides 2010 Headline News

Lot's of interesting stuff at the Microbicides 2010 conference. Below are some headlines worth clicking. IRMA will be sharing as many slide sets as she can get her hands on from this exciting meeting which had lots and lot of rectal microbicide content - stay tuned for that - and will be posting lots and lots of pictures and other goodies from these 5 glorious days in Pittsburgh. Pictures would have gone up sooner had IRMA not left a critical cord  for transferring the photos from camera to computer at home in Chicago.... Patience!

In the meantime - click and learn...

via Gus Cairns, Aidsmap

Crunch time for microbicides, says top researcher

Pregnancy poses HIV risk for men

Six existing drug classes now being tested as microbicides

Via Citizens News Service

Not just a handmaiden: Critical role of social science in HIV Prevention Research

Using ARVs to Prevent HIV Could Result in Drug Resistance

Microbicides that do more than gel

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