Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Meet Oliver, A Friendly Rectal Microbicide Advocate

 Oliver Anene
 Abuja, Nigeria

Oliver Anene is a Social Health Worker from the capital of Nigeria, Abuja, who has been an advocate for rectal microbicides in Nigeria since 2005. It was through his advocacy work there that Oliver got involved with IRMA.

Oliver realizes that, “Vaginal microbicides might only be useful to women, but a rectal microbicide will be useful for men and women alike.”

Since Oliver’s involvement with IRMA, he has advocated for rectal microbicides by conducting focus group discussions with MSM in three Nigerian states to learn their views about a potential rectal microbicide. Oliver has also written and published a rectal microbicide advocacy tool with the support of the UNAIDS Nigeria office.

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