Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Uganda in brief"- notes from a gay man in Uganda

by Yiga Peter
IRMA member
Assistant Programmes Coordinator for T.I.T.s UGANDA
Trans gender, Inter-sex, and Transsexual Uganda 

As a gay man in Uganda, I am used to the taunts, the slurs and 
the daily harassment of neighbors and friends.

But if a new bill proposed in my country becomes law, I am gonna be put away for life, or worse, put to death for having sex with another man.

Right now, going to cinema halls and other social places is a taboo since we fear our lives to be attacked by hooligans . We are ostracized by relatives. But if this bill passes, it will become impossible for me to live here at all. And that part hurts the most. Because imagine a place where you have grown from with all your friends around, then you are forced to relocae because you are gay. That's absurd.

Religious leaders -- Muslim and Christian -- in a country where a July poll found 95 percent opposed to legalizing homosexuality.

So that's Uganda in brief with it's bill proposing to pass it as a law.

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