Saturday, January 16, 2010

Please show your support for HIV vaccine research!

The HIV Vaccine Trials Network is launching a social media campaign to coincide with Martin Luther King’s Day and to publicize the Legacy Project’s new website,

Will you help them out? It only takes a few minutes.

1. Go to this link and print out the sign, "I am the end of HIV":

2. Take a photo of yourself holding the sign. (Smiling encouraged.) Here’s a chance to put a face on HIV vaccine research in a fun way.

3. Post the photo on your Facebook or MySpace page. Use it as a profile picture at least through Martin Luther King’s Day (Jan 18).

Another option is to take any of the linked poster images and use it as your FB profile picture

4. Update your status (on FB, Twitter, etc) so that it says something like:

“I am the End of HIV” or
“If we want an HIV vaccine to work for us, we have to work for it” or
“I’ve changed my profile picture to help everyone become aware of the need for support of HIV vaccine research. Please go to to learn more.”

5. Share your picture on our HVTN Facebook page(You first need to become a fan and then you can post the picture onto our wall or in the designated photo album.)



How do I help living all the way in the Bahamas?

Sanford E. Gaylord said...

We don't currently have a vaccine trial site in the Bahamas, but everyone can be a vaccine supporter! I encourage you to learn more about vaccine trials in general, and help to dispel myths and misinformation in your community. Some helpful websites you might want to follow include the network that I'm part of, the HIV Vaccine Trials Network (, the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (, and a great grassroots advocacy organization, AVAC ( In order to prepare for a day when a licensed vaccine is available, we will need help from people around the world to educate people about the benefits a vaccine can offer, and why having a vaccine against HIV is such an important part of prevention efforts. Thank you for your interest!

Sanford E. Gaylord, Community Educator, Project WISH, Chicago, IL

Sanford E. Gaylord said...

Greetings Gaytekeeper:

I wanted to add that the HVTN has sites in the Caribbean: Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Haiti. Please check out this link for details -

Another option for you to consider is There you will see that there are about 6 HIV related trials that are in the Bahamas. Some may be fully enrolled or in the process of enrolling.

Thank You for your question. We all can make a difference regarding HIV/AIDS, especially for the generations that follow us. Take care and create good days for yourself.

Sanford E. Gaylord, Community Educator, Project WISH, University of Illinois at Chicago.

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