Wednesday, January 6, 2010

AVAC's Px Wire Features News on Big Rectal Microbicide Funding Increases

Dear Advocates,

We are pleased to announce the release of this year’s first issue of Px Wire, AVAC’s quarterly update on HIV prevention research—a one-stop source for information on biomedical HIV prevention research worldwide.

Click here to download the current issue in PDF.

Highlights in this issue of Px Wire include updates on:

The results from MDP 301, a trial of the microbicide PRO 2000, which lay to rest its prospect as a viable microbicide;

CDC’s newly modified PrEP trial (TDF2 in Botswana), which changed its status as an efficacy trial to a safety and behavioral study;

The evolving effort to understand the Thai prime-boost AIDS vaccine results;

Recent NIH grants that nearly double global spending on rectal microbicides; and

Timeline of 2010 trial milestones—what trial results are expected and what new studies are scheduled to commence?

As usual, this issue includes a center poster with a comprehensive map of ongoing biomedical HIV prevention research and an efficacy trials timeline.

Additional resources including the Px Wire archive can be found at To order free printed copies of Px or any AVAC publication, please visit


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