Thursday, January 14, 2010

Asian gay men’s sex survey reports high levels of sex without condoms

via Aidsmap, by Gus Cairns

The world’s second-largest gay men’s sex survey, focusing mainly on men in East and Southeast Asia, has found that 46% of men who have sex with men who answered the online survey reported inconsistent condom use during anal intercourse with casual partners, and higher levels of unprotected sex with regular partners.

The survey has produced findings across a wide range of indicators that are remarkably similar to the world’s largest survey of gay men's sexual behaviour, the UK's annual Gay Men’s Sex Survey (GMSS) conducted by Sigma Research.

The success of the English-language survey, hosted by the gay Asian website, has led to a larger 2010 survey in nine languages ranging from Hindi to Japanese – see below.

The 2009 survey was answered by nearly 8000 gay men. Twenty per cent of respondents were from the three non-Asian countries of the USA, Australia and the UK, and this may have influenced some results such as the HIV testing figures.

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