Thursday, December 24, 2009

Kenya: HIV prevention strategy that ignores anal health - "simply incomplete"

It struck us that in the 25 years that Kenya had been battling the HIV epidemic, no one had tried targeting anal sex 
for preventing HIV transmission...

Yet we knew it happens and not just in the homosexual community, but also among some heterosexual couples... 

... an HIV prevention strategy that does not encompass 
anal health is simply incomplete. 

via  - Research - Country in Denial Over Homosexuals

Research about homosexuality in Kenya suggests it's not just a decadent foreign influence, and it's not confined to tourists at the Coast. And one thing is certain: pretending it doesn't exist has its consequences.

It's hard to imagine a Kenya where homosexuality is viewed as anything but a moral and religious abomination. The majority still link it to foreign influences or drug abuse, or dismiss it as a perverted habit practised in upper class social cliques.

As the national debate intensifies, interviews with a few gay Kenyans, and five years of research conducted by the Kemri/Wellcome Trust Research Programme in Kilifi, challenge these bedrock cultural and religious beliefs around homosexuality.

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