Monday, December 14, 2009

Aidsmap - Disappointment as microbicide fails to protect against HIV

via Aidsmap, by Keith Alcorn
A South African trial participant commented: “Even though the gel proved not to be effective, we played a role in the fight against HIV. We learnt a lot about caring for ourselves, such as using condoms. We also learnt to encourage others to test for HIV and we gained confidence in helping those who were already infected.”
PRO 2000 microbicide gel failed to protect women against HIV infection in the largest microbicide study to date, partners in the Microbicide Development Programme’s 301 study have announced.

PRO 2000 had appeared to reduce the risk of HIV infection by around 30% in a smaller study, HIV Prevention Trials Network study 035, but this result was just outside the bounds of statistical significance, and could have been due to chance.

Researchers and advocates for microbicide development have been awaiting the results of the much larger MDP 301 study to judge whether the compound truly had any protective effect.


AVAC statement. ["MDP 301 Microbicide Trial Results Disappointing, but Researchers and 9,400 Trial Volunteers Deserve Praise for Successful Trial"]

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