Monday, October 12, 2009

Exploring HIV Risk among MSM in Kigali, Rwanda

Thanks to the Global Forum on MSM and HIV for putting this on the IRMA radar.]

Executive Summary

This report presents findings from a behavioral surveillance study (BSS) of men who have sex with men(MSM) in Kigali carried out in 2008-2009. The aim of this study was to describe the population of MSM in Kigali and explore the nature of sexual activity between MSM.

This study utilized a snowball sampling strategy involving peer recruiter/s with a double-incentive structure. That is, men completing the questionnaire were asked to recruit their friends, acquaintances and sexual partners into the study and they received a small incentive for completing the study and for each eligible respondent that they recruited. The questionnaire was interviewer-administered and took approximately one hour to complete. Ninety-eight (98) MSM aged 18 to 52 years, participated in the study. Key results include:

• Ninety-four respondents reported previous anal sex with another man, and 88 reported anal sex with another man in the 12 months prior to survey.Men reported an average of two male sexual partners in the 12 months prior to survey (median;mean=3.4; range: 1 to 36).

• Thirty-seven respondents reported casual sex in the one month prior to survey and 18 of these men reported unprotected sex with a casual sex partner in this timeframe.

• MSM have wide sexual networks. Sex with men whilst traveling outside Kigali was commonly reported. One-quarter of respondents reported sex with a woman in the year prior to survey and one in seven men reported commercial or transactional sex with a woman in the same time frame.

• Condom use among MSM in Kigali is low. Thirty-four respondents reported that they had never previously used a condom with a male or female sexual partner. Among men reporting sex with another man in the 12 months prior to survey,one-third reported consistent condom use with all male partners. One-third of respondents reporting sex with a female partner in the 12 months prior to survey reported condom use at last sex with a female partner.

Read the whole report.

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danielreeders said...

This is incredibly timely, thanks so much for posting it! I'm doing some work in Melbourne, Australia, asking why the experiences of African-born MSM are missing from the social research. One commentator even says "HIV is not an issue for African born MSM" (!!).

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