Monday, October 5, 2009

The challenges of sex workers for microbicides development

via peripheries

Reacting to a peripheries post on microbicides, Cheryl Overs commented “These [definition of microbicides] are a hint of the skewed propaganda about microbicides and an insight into the absence of consideration of how they will affect the millions of sex workers worldwide. Sex workers will lose any hope of using a 99% effective product against STIs, HIV and unwanted pregnancies, condoms” adding that, “The idea that sex workers will buy and use a combination of different products for different orifices/sex acts is absurd. Especially when one of those products will still have to be a condom.” Cheryl is summing up various concerns expressed in the “Sex work and the new era of HIV prevention and care” report she produced for the Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers (APNSW).

The report, available online, addresses the significant changes that have happened recently in the field of HIV prevention and HIV care and treatment and their implications for sex workers. The section on microbicides is well written and provides an accurate and comprehensive picture of the basic science, opportunities and what interests us here, challenges of using microbicides for sex workers.

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