Saturday, July 25, 2009

High-risk HPV infection raises HIV risk at least fourfold: HPV vaccine study suggested

[From Aidsmap. Article by Gus Cairns and Michael Carter]

Infection with one or more of the cancer-causing subtypes of the human papilloma virus (HPV) multiplied the risk of acquiring HIV among young men in by 4.5-fold in a randomised controlled study of circumcision in South Africa.

Bertran Auvert, the principal investigator of the ANRS1265 circumcision trial in Orange Farm, South Africa, hinted that he was proposing a trial of one of the HPV vaccines as a method of reducing HIV infection.

The substudy of HPV infection collected swabs for DNA analysis from 1683 men and tested them for the presence of 13 of the high-risk, cancer-causing subtypes of HPV and 24 of the low-risk wart-forming ones. HPV samples were collected when the study terminated, 21 months after participants were circumcised.

Observed HPV prevalence was related to the risk of seroconversion during the study and the researchers also related it for the purposes of multivariate analysis to the participants’ age, education level, number of sexual partners, condom use, and whether they had TB or other sexually transmitted infections including herpes, gonorrhoea and chlamydia.

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