Thursday, June 11, 2009

IRMA Member Proscovia Ayoo - Her mission is to bandage the wounds of HIV victims

via The New Vision (Uganda)

Proscovia Ayoo is a hero, not only to her family but to her community as well. Being ostracised because she is HIV-positive did not prevent her from joining the battle against the scourge. Samuel Senkaba brings you her struggles, fears and triumphs

BEFORE Prosscovia Ayoo took an HIV test, she could not imagine living with HIV. That all changed in December 1997, when she took a test and turned out to be HIV-positive. Ayoo felt like she had been handed a death sentence. “I wanted to commit suicide to spare my family from worrying about my health. However, because of the psychological pain involved, I abandoned the suicide mission.”

Today, she is singing a new song. “I’m glad for the gift of life, HIV is now part of me and life is still beautiful nonetheless.”

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