Monday, May 4, 2009

Right-Wingers Give Limbaugh's Anal Sex References A Pass

via Huffington Post, by Terry Krepel

Media Research Center chief Brent Bozell is, to put it succinctly, not a fan of anal sex:

-- In 2006, he complained that at a Comedy Central roast for William Shatner, "the audience was buried in man-on-man anal-sex and oral-sex jokes."

-- In 2008, he was offended that the ABC show "Ugly Betty" includes "catty references" to, among other things, "anal sex."

-- On March 13, he bashed "Family Guy": "This Jesus-bashing is offensive, but it isn't so surprising - it's a 'Family Guy' staple. Now add the allusions to anal penetration and we're on another trip down Grossout Lane."

WorldNetDaily feels much the same way on the issue. It has criticized Wikipedia for including a "photo of two nude men having anal sex on a bed," bashed Spencer Gifts for carrying "pornaments" that "graphically depict anal intercourse between a snowman and a bare-breasted 'snowwoman,'" disapproved of the Wal-Mart website selling a book that "gives explicit instructions for engaging in oral or anal sexual acts," and denounced the movie "Brokeback Mountain" for depicting characters who "awkwardly and violently engage in anal sex." WND founder and editor Joseph Farah even asks: "Isn't it time to make anal sex taboo, again?"

Bozell and WND have thus clearly established their opposition to references to anal sex in the media and popular culture. So why do they give Rush Limbaugh a pass for making those very same "allusions to anal penetration"?

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