Friday, May 15, 2009

Is HIV Treatment HIV Prevention?

HIVision is an ongoing forum series bringing research and evidence to bear on timely policy and programmatic issues. As thinking on HIV/AIDS continues to evolve, HIVision provides a safe venue to engage the community on potentially controversial topics.

Recent studies offer evidence and raise questions about the role of antiretroviral medications in curbing the spread of HIV. Are HIV-positive people who take antiretroviral drugs less likely to transmit the virus? Can these same drugs taken by HIV-negative people help keep them negative? And if so, what are the ethical, financial, and health issues surrounding these HIV prevention strategies? We'll be posting an audio recording soon of this forum on the science and controversies surrounding the use of anti-HIV drugs to prevent HIV transmission and acquisition.

Check out a number of podcasts and materials on this topic here.

You will find this Download a recording of the HIVision forum, Is HIV Treatment HIV Prevention? (.mp3, 100MB, 120 min.) and MUCH MORE.

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