Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gays and lesbians demand recognition - Zimbabwe Times

Zimbabwe’s reclusive homosexual community has demanded that its rights be recognised and enshrined in the new Constitution currently being drafted.“The purpose of a Constitution is to protect vulnerable and marginalised minorities,” the Gays and Lesbians Association of Zimbabwe, GALZ, said in a statement to The Zimbabwe Times. “Most gay and lesbian people in Zimbabwe live in fear and are driven underground. This is blatant discrimination against a group of people whose only difference from the majority is in who they are attracted to sexually.

“And homosexuals do not choose to be homosexual just as heterosexuals do not choose to be heterosexual. Choosing to be gay or lesbian in Zimbabwe would be lunacy given the levels of disapproval shown by many elements of society.”

The most vocal opponent of the homosexual community has been Zimbabwe’s aging head of state. President Mugabe described homosexuals as “worse than dogs and pigs” about a decade ago when they attempted to assert their rights and highlight widespread homophobia in the country.

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