Tuesday, April 7, 2009

CHAMP and AVAC Webinar Series on CROI --- Materials Available

This past February, scientists and clinicians convened at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) in Montréal to present, discuss and critique their research on the biology and epidemiology of HIV.

Envisioned as a "meeting of the minds" between laboratory and clinical science, the goal of this annual conference is to translate this research into progress against the AIDS epidemic. For the past several years, prevention has gained a place of prominence at the conference, which previously had focused on treatment issues.

Due to activist pressure during the conference's initial years, this meeting also includes AIDS activists and community press. Participation by community members adds a vital voice to the conference by asking critical questions that have broadened and sharpened the perspectives of researchers and other stakeholders attending this important meeting.

Unfortunately, participation remains out of reach to many due to the limited number of scholarship slots as well as financial constraints.

This year, CHAMP and AVAC worked with partners to bring the information and dialogue from the conference to a much broader audience through a Webinar Series (held in February and March) - materials of which are all available online.

In order to deepen community understanding and discussion of the prevention research issues discussed at CROI, the series featured four webinars that provided an overview of the scientific presentations.

Each webinar featured:

* An online slide show presented by key researchers and/or advocates
* Discussion on how each topic fits in a broader research advocacy agenda and opportunities for further engagement in advocacy

The distance-learning program is formatted in four 60- to 75-minute sessions, and is divided into the following topics:
Introduction: How to Read an Abstract and Understand Research Language

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and Other Topics in Biomedical Prevention Research

HIV Transmission: Characteristics and Prevention

HIV Prevention Research: Looking Back and Moving Forward
Click here to access all the materials, including recordings and slides.

Thanks to CHAMP and AVAC for this wonderful resource!

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