Friday, March 20, 2009 - Five Things to Know About Condoms

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I'm not going to write about the pope again. I just can't face it. But I'll offer you a related topic - things to know about condoms.

1) When used properly and every time, the male condom has a 3% failure rate. In typical use - not always worn right, and not every single time - the failure rate is 10-14%. reference

2) The female condom has a failure rate of 21% during typical use. reference

3) When a condom breaks, it generally happens because no space was left at the tip of the condom for ejaculate. A properly worn condom has a small reservoir at the end. reference

4) There are condoms especially designed for anal sex. They're stronger and less prone to breakage. The female condom can also be used. reference reference

5) You can put at least 625 condoms on a single dildo. Also, you can fit a condom on your head. reference reference

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danielreeders said...

Sorry, back up a moment:

"Estimated pregnancy rates during perfect use of condoms, that is for those who report using the method exactly as it should be used (correctly) and at every act of intercourse (consistently), is 3 percent at 12 months." (WHO FS243)

What that actually means is: in 12 months of using condoms, 3% of couples in that study experienced condom failure once.

That's a hell of a lot less than 3/100 condoms failing, and you really need to get your facts straight before you hand free kicks like that to our Catholic opposition.

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