Monday, February 23, 2009

Young Spaniards Use Condoms To Prevent Pregnancy Not Diseases

Researchers from the University of Vigo have studied the sexual practices of young Spaniards aged between 14 and 24. The results of the study show that girls use condoms more than boys during vaginal sex, but less during anal and oral sexual practices.

Sexual behaviour among young people is undergoing great changes. Researchers from the University of Vigo periodically carry out an evaluation of sexual practices among young adults and adolescents in Spain in order to study their use of condoms in relation to high-risk behaviours and sexually-transmitted diseases.

The research study, which has been published in the Spanish journal Gaceta Sanitaria, analysed a sample of 2,171 young men and women aged between 14 and 24 in three autonomous regions (Galicia, Andalusia and Madrid). The researchers divided them into two study groups - adolescents (14 to 18-year-olds) and young adults (19 to 24-year-olds).

"The results show that condom use among young Spanish males and females has more to do with preventing unwanted pregnancies than with preventing infection with sexually-transmitted diseases, because they are used more during vaginal sex than oral or anal sex," José María Faílde, lead author of the study and a researcher at the Galician university, tells SINC.

Read the rest on Medical News Today.

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