Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Microbicides Media and Communications Initiative is pleased to announce the launch of the official MMCI website!

The Microbicides Media and Communications Initiative (MMCI) is a unique multi-partner collaboration housed at the Global Campaign for Microbicides designed to help the wider microbicides field anticipate and respond proactively to the communications challenges posed by the conduct of large scale effectiveness trials in Africa and other resource-limited settings.

IRMA is a proud member of the MMCI.

Highlights on the website include:

Media and news coverage: Balanced and accurate reporting is essential to the development of the HIV prevention research and development field. MMCI monitors media coverage of microbicides and HIV prevention research, focusing on trial host countries and communities where rumors and sensationalized media can undermine ongoing and planned trials.

Communications resources: Both the microbicides and wider HIV prevention research fields are dynamic and continuously evolving. The resources section provides templates and other communications tools to equip advocates, communicators and all members of the HIV prevention research community with essential background information and skills to effectively communicate around microbicides development. Links to prevention research sponsors, communications and advocacy groups are also listed.

Events calendar: Tracking conferences, events and clinical trials testing microbicides and related prevention research methods, the on-line calendar also includes a feature to easily add events to your iCal or Outlook calendar. Additionally, we list media and journalist training opportunities for advocates and health journalists interested in advancing their scientific understanding of the prevention research field.

The website is continually being updated, with new resources and media coverage added regularly. To visit the website, please go to:

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