Friday, January 23, 2009

Gay men likely to be highly sexually experienced before they are willing to 'come out' to obtain HPV vaccine

via Aidsmap

Gay men will have a high level of sexual experience before they are willing to disclose their sexuality to healthcare providers so they can obtain a vaccine for human papilloma virus, an Australian study published in the online edition of Sexually Transmitted Infections has shown. This could mean that many gay men would already have been infected with human papilloma virus (HPV) before they were willing to come forward for vaccination, meaning that its protective effect for these individuals would, at best, be extremely limited.

Earlier research has suggested that there is a high prevalence of genital and anal infection with human papilloma virus amongst gay men, with particularly high levels of infection seen amongst gay men with HIV. Infection with human papilloma virus increases the risk of anal cancer, which occurs with greater frequency in gay men, most notably HIV-positive gay men.

Two vaccines that offer a high level of protection against the strains of human papilloma virus most associated with cervical (and anal) cancer have recently been approved. Their use is currently restricted to women, and to ensure that they have the maximum possible protective effect, UK guidelines state that they should be given to girls aged between twelve and 13 before they become sexually active.

Studies are currently evaluating the safety and effectiveness of these vaccines in men (and people with HIV).

Researchers in Melbourne, Australia, wanted to see how acceptable gay men would find a vaccine for human papilloma virus (assuming the results of trials were favourable). Furthermore, they wanted to gain an impression of how useful the vaccine would be at preventing infection with human papilloma virus.

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