Wednesday, December 31, 2008

POZ: The Year in HIV/AIDS Treatment/Prevention

via POZ

A new non-nuke, the apparent cure of an HIV-positive patient receiving a bone marrow transplant and the possibility of earlier antiretroviral treatment for all make the top 10 list of treatment research developments for 2008.

Now more than 25 years since the 1983 discovery of HIV as the cause of AIDS, research continues at a steady clip in pursuit of sound prevention strategies, better treatments and—with a little bit of luck—a cure. While 2008 wasn’t exactly a year of earth-shattering discoveries, there were advances, setbacks and a few telltale hints of interesting things to come in 2009.

What follows is a review—including updated insight from some leading HIV activists— of the top 10 treatment research developments that made us sit up straight in 2008.

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