Tuesday, December 16, 2008

AIDS 2008 Impact Report Available

The AIDS 2008 Impact Report, a report of the key learning from the XVII International AIDS Conference, held in Mexico City in August 2008, is now available here.

The report is also available on the AIDS 2008 homepage, as well as the IAS homepage.

According to the IAS, the report is not meant to capture all of the hundreds of sessions, events and activities at AIDS 2008 (as no one report could reasonably do this), rather it is an analysis/reflection on the key learning in the following areas:

- Epidemiology

- Basic and Clinical Research

- Biomedical Prevention Research

- Regional Focus

- and a section on how AIDS 2008 and previous international AIDS conferences have contributed to the overall response to HIV/AIDS

All analyses are referenced to sessions/abstracts.

Please note that several organizations are producing their own reports associated with conference activities, or key issues/areas of focus during AIDS 2008, and we will make them available on the AIDS 2008 website as well.

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