Monday, November 3, 2008

Meet Anna, A Friendly Rectal Microbicide Advocate

Anna Forbes
Kensington, Maryland, USA

Originally from central Illinois, Anna Forbes currently resides in Maryland while working in Washington D.C. She is the Deputy Director of the Global Campaign for Microbicides. She became involved with IRMA after talking to Jim Pickett and David Munar back in 2003 about the need to pick up and expand on an online rectal microbicides advocacy effort she had originally started in 2000. The duo offered to take it on, and that effort grew into what is now IRMA.

Rectal microbicides are a very important priority among new HIV prevention technologies because, as she puts it, “Everyone needs and deserves a way to protect themselves from HIV.” Via SafeGuards in Philadephia, Anna initiated the first incarnation of She made her debut national presentation about rectal microbicides at the Second Gay Men’s Health Summit in Boulder, Colorado.

In 2002, Forbes published her first national U.S. article on the need for rectal microbicides. The same year, she gave an international workshop on the same subject at the UK CHAPS conference, leading to the publication of her first international article. After such impressive successes, Forbes has steadily written, spoke, presented, and organized around rectal micobicide advocacy ever since.

Anna’s hard work is paving the way for the future of rectal microbicides. So dedicated is she to her advocacy work that when asked what she does in her free time, she could only respond, “What free time?”

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