Sunday, November 9, 2008

Interview: Securing gay rights in Jamaica is vital to AIDS struggle

Gareth Thomas is a minister at DFID

"During those visits I have been struck by the extent to which homophobia and the anti-gay legislation impact the effort to fight the surge of HIV infections."

By an stretch of the imagination, the treatment of lesbian and gay people in Jamaica is disgrace, says DFID minister Gareth Thomas.

The Church condemns them as sinful and the Prime Minister is unashamed to say he would not have a gay person in his Cabinet.

The wildly-popular dancehall culture is viciously homophobic, with many lyrics calling for lesbians and gays to be burned, beaten and shot. Reggae is little better. has reported many incidents of homophobic violence in the former colony over the last three years.

In February an attack on a group of men alleged to be homosexual left one man seriously injured and another missing feared dead.

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