Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thank You Elton John AIDS Foundation!

Wonderful news IRMA!

In a continuation of its extraordinary vision and support, the Elton John AIDS Foundation has just announced a $25,000 award to IRMA Secretariat AIDS Foundation of Chicago. These critical, much-appreciated funds will allow IRMA to continue its global advocacy efforts around the research and development of safe, effective and acceptable rectal microbicides for the millions of men and women who engage in anal intercourse and desperately need new, user-controlled prevention options beyond latex.

Due in no small part to significant, structural and cultural homophobia at all levels of society, coupled with official, programmatic denial of the role unprotected anal intercourse plays in the HIV pandemic, IRMA struggles to find the resources necessary for our work. We are very, very grateful to Elton John AIDS Foundation for stepping up time and again to reach the most vulnerable, most marginalized populations on the planet.

The day the first safe and effective rectal microbicide is available - women and men around the world will have Elton John AIDS Foundation at the top of their thank-you list.

Here are the specifics:
AIDS Foundation of Chicago, Chicago, IL, $25,000

This grant will support the International Rectal Microbicide Advocates (IRMA), a coalition of scientists, advocates, and policy makers promoting the research and development of safe and effective rectal microbicides for men and women. Over the last two years, IRMA has affected significant achievements in this field, including the publication of the first ever report evaluating microbicide research and funding. IRMA's long term objectives are to significantly increase and diversify funding for microbicide research, and to accelerate research by engaging new scientists in this field.

EJAF’s Founder and Chairman Sir Elton John stated, “ EJAF’s strategic approach to grant-making continues to respond adroitly as both the domestic and global AIDS epidemics evolve, investing donor dollars where they are most needed and will have the greatest impact.”

Check out the rest of the EJAF September 2008 grants.

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sholotan Abdulrahaman said...

I am using this medium to thank Elton John AIDS Foundation for their award to the IRMA to carry out more advocate work on Rectal Microbicide.Hurry! Hurry!! Hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Sholotan Abdulrahaman.

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