Friday, September 19, 2008

Lima's Epicentro - right in the heart of the gay community

The new Gay Men’s Community Center in Lima, PeruEpicentro – is proud to announce that it has signed a lease for its own space, right in the heart of Lima’s growing gay community. Formed just this year, the center has moved rapidly to gain formal legal status and begin hosting twice-monthly community events and received start-up funding from the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation. With their own space, they will continue to work towards the full realization of their vision and mission, and begin to provide HIV/STI testing and prevention services severely lacking in the community.

Visit their “pre-web” at


To be a Peruvian community center that is the primary promoter for the development of a healthy and representative gay community within society.


To empower gay community through a socialization space in Lima, Peru where sexual and mental health services and information will be provided along with promotion of cultural activities.

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